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Fashion@Forty: Great Shoes Make You Look Dapper

— October 8, 2017 — My friends know I have a soft spot for wingtip shoes. Oh, and I have a guilty pleasure of shopping on Gilt.com. When those two things collide—and there are fun tickets in the wallet—the result is a purchase of wingtips from Gilt. See how that works? My latest purchase is the wingtip...

Fashion@Forty: Great Shoes Make You Look DapperJohnathon E. Briggs

Fashion@Forty: Feeling Floral for Fall

— October 1, 2017 — The official start of fall had me feeling a wool blend, a floral print, a wingtip derby shoe, and origami socks—just because. Here's my Fashion@Forty for the week of Sept. 25-29: Where I Shop: The floral shirt is from Banana Republic Factory and Outlet; Stafford blazer, JCPenney; tie, Brooks Brothers. The...

Fashion@Forty: Feeling Floral for FallJohnathon E. Briggs

Learning to Accept My Daughter’s Autism Diagnosis

— September 24, 2017 — Editor’s Note: On this blog, I refer to my daughter as “Dear Daughter” (DD) and my wife as “Dear Wife” (DW).   My whole life has been filled with words—big, bold, beautiful words. Enchanting words from children’s stories my mother read to me; explosive words from comic books I collected as a teen;...

Learning to Accept My Daughter’s Autism DiagnosisJohnathon E. Briggs

Review: Road Trip Saved By Disney Junior App

— August 5, 2017 — Editor’s Note: On this blog, I refer to my daughter as “Dear Daughter” (DD) and my wife as “Dear Wife” (DW).   Review: Disney Junior App Dad Approval Rating:   Three years ago this month, my wife and I began a journey of parenthood with the birth of our Dear Daughter (DD). In her characteristic...

Review: Road Trip Saved By Disney Junior AppJohnathon E. Briggs

Family Reunions: A Sense of Legacy

DETROIT (July 14 and 15, 2017)—A smoky sizzle permeated the air as my cousin, Dana, manned the barbecue grill. She flipped burgers, hot dogs, and kabobs for hours at Belle Isle Park as descendants of the Jones and Jordan families gathered along the Detroit River under the shade of Pavilion No. 9. They had...

Family Reunions: A Sense of LegacyJohnathon E. Briggs

A Ribfest to Remember

Naperville, Ill. (July 3, 2017)—Fireworks emblazoned the night sky, their explosions choreographed to a patriotic simulcast from 95.9 The River, the FM station of rock 'n roll favorites. My daughter, on the eve of her third birthday, darted across the openness of Knoch Park like the Road Runner from Looney Tunes, zigging and zagging this way and that,...

A Ribfest to RememberJohnathon E. Briggs

Giveaway: Cantu Men’s Collection

— June 30, 2017 — The good folks at Cantu Beauty were kind of enough to send me their new line of men's grooming products. Wanna try them for yourself? Enter for a chance to win a sample of the collection by clicking the Giveaway tab on my Facebook page or this link: http://gvwy.io/win06a3.     One lucky winner will win...

Giveaway: Cantu Men’s CollectionJohnathon E. Briggs

Three Things I Learned From Doing My Daughter’s Hair

— June 25, 2017 — Editor’s Note: On this blog, I refer to my daughter as "Dear Daughter" (DD) and my wife as "Dear Wife" (DW).   I probably know more about Black women’s hair than the typical guy. Growing up, I was often enlisted by my mother to help her with the upkeep of (or switch...

Three Things I Learned From Doing My Daughter’s HairJohnathon E. Briggs

Lost & Found: Who was my father?

Editor's Note: This essay is from 2016, but I'm reposting for the launch week of Fatherhood@Forty. Happy Father's Day! January 12, 2016 Ten years ago, Friday the Thirteenth proved to be the most extraordinary day of my life. Two days after Christmas in 2005, I set out to answer a seemingly simple question: Who was my father? As a...

Lost & Found: Who was my father?Johnathon E. Briggs

Blog Launch: Start the Beginning

— June 17, 2017 — It's only too late if you never start. With these eight words, I formally launch my blog, Fatherhood@Forty. Welcome! This blog has been 12 years in the making (in my head, at least). The germ of it started in 2005 when I set out to locate my biological father whom, at...

Blog Launch: Start the BeginningJohnathon E. Briggs

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Six weeks before my 40th birthday, I became a first-time father. This life-changing moment made me think about my own dad, who became a father at 44. As my parenthood journey unfolded, I noticed that most of my friends had become parents earlier in life yet, here I was, changing diapers and battling sleep deprivation at (nearly) 40. I told my wife, “Parenting is definitely a young man’s game.” But is it really?

Where most of my friends were preparing for their children’s middle and high school graduations, I was mastering the art of the swaddle, perfecting the one-hand baby wipe, and learning to decipher my daughter’s gurgles and whimpers. It occurred to me that I had so much more to offer my daughter at the sure-footed age of 40 than I did at, say, 28, when I was still coming into my own.

In this awareness, I gained an appreciation for where I am in life and the idea for Fatherhood@Forty was born. Fatherhood@Forty is a creative outlet to blog about my experiences and inspire other (relatively) late-in-life dads. It’s been said that each child is their own assignment and I believe each parent’s journey is its own destination.

Here are a few factoids about me, Johnathon Briggs, the editor behind this blog:

  • I am a former journalist (Los Angeles Times, The Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune).
  • I love exploring Chicago and the Midwest with my family.
  • I remain on a constant quest to stay fit.
  • I support charities that fight HIV, uplift families affected by incarceration, and ensure African American boys graduate from college.
  • I enjoy reading comic books and binge-watching House of Cards.
  • I am a child of the ‘80s, so please expect occasional references to the Golden Age of Hip-Hop.

As a reporter for daily newspapers, I had the opportunity to interview fascinating people and to test out great products and brands for my readers. I hope to do the same for you as I blog about the moments that make up this adventure called fatherhood.

Please email me if you’d like to collaborate or have ideas for a blog post: fatherhoodforty@gmail.com.

Father on,

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