Fashion@Forty: Great Shoes Make You Look Dapper

w: Johnathon E. Briggs

w: Johnathon E. Briggs

Fashion@Forty: Great Shoes Make You Look Dapper

— October 8, 2017 —

My friends know I have a soft spot for wingtip shoes. Oh, and I have a guilty pleasure of shopping on When those two things collide—and there are fun tickets in the wallet—the result is a purchase of wingtips from Gilt. See how that works?

My latest purchase is the wingtip blucher derby shoe by Saks Fifth Avenue. I had a chance to wear them this past week with a burgundy blazer and a tie-shirt combination that remind me of fall, my favorite season.

Photos of my Fashion@Forty for the week of Oct. 2-6 are featured to the right (if you’re on a desktop) or below (if you’re on a mobile).


  • I copped the burgundy blazer on clearance at Macy’s in downtown Chicago, a place my wife won’t step foot in until it reverts back to Marshall Field’s. She’s loyal like that.
  • The tie and shirt are from Banana Republic; the chinos are from Bonobos.
  • The Harry Potter socks (as I call them; it’s the lightning bolt) are from Happy Socks.


Wingtip blucher derby shoe by Saks Fifth Avenue Practicing my modeling skills in front of the CH Distillery mural in Pilsen. This blazer-tie-shirt combo is a favorite. I call these my Harry Potter socks. It's the lightning bolt. Call Tyra. I want to be America's Next Top Model.

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Johnathon E. BriggsA 40-something dad with a penchant for wingtip shoes and statement socks who blogs about the "4 Fs": fatherhood, food, fitness, and fashion. #DadBlogger #Parenting #MensLifestyle

    Wingtip blucher derby shoe by Saks Fifth Avenue Practicing my modeling skills in front of the CH Distillery mural in Pilsen. This blazer-tie-shirt combo is a favorite. I call these my Harry Potter socks. It's the lightning bolt. Call Tyra. I want to be America's Next Top Model.

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Six weeks before my 40th birthday, I became a first-time father. This life-changing moment made me think about my own dad, who became a father at 44. As my parenthood journey unfolded, I noticed that most of my friends had become parents earlier in life yet, here I was, changing diapers and battling sleep deprivation at (nearly) 40. I told my wife, “Parenting is definitely a young man’s game.” But is it really?

Where most of my friends were preparing for their children’s middle and high school graduations, I was mastering the art of the swaddle, perfecting the one-hand baby wipe, and learning to decipher my daughter’s gurgles and whimpers. It occurred to me that I had so much more to offer my daughter at the sure-footed age of 40 than I did at, say, 28, when I was still coming into my own. In this awareness I gained appreciation for where I am in life and the idea for Fatherhood@Forty was born.

Fatherhood@Forty is a parenting blog that chronicles my adventures (and misadventures) as a mid-life dad. It is a creative outlet for me to share my experience of fatherhood and to inspire other (relatively) late-in-life dads. It’s been said that each child is their own assignment and I believe each parent’s journey is its own destination.

Here are a few factoids about me, Johnathon Briggs, the editor behind this blog:

  • I am a former journalist (Los Angeles Times, The Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune) who appreciates the power of storytelling.
  • I live in the western suburb of Naperville, but love exploring Chicago and the Midwest with my family.
  • I am thankful for my “dad bod” and remain on a constant quest to stay fit through charity 5Ks, weight training and intermittent fasting.
  • I support charities that fight HIV, uplift families affected by incarceration, and ensure African American boys graduate from college.
  • In my spare time I enjoy reading The New Yorker and comic books, binge-watching House of Cards and Luke Cage, experimenting with photography, and shopping on Gilt (guilty pleasure)
  • I am a child of the ‘80s, so please expect references to the Golden Age of Hip-Hop, School House Rock and Scooby-Doo.

As a reporter for daily newspapers, I had the opportunity to interview fascinating people and to test out great products and brands for my readers. I hope to do the same for you as I blog about the moments that make up this thing called fatherhood.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts about the “4 Fs”: fatherhood (Pop Life), food, fitness, and fashion. Please email me if you’d like to collaborate or have ideas for a blog post:

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